Electric Pet Grooming Brush ICP-HC01

4 Brushs For All Kinds Of Dog

It will take a long time to groom a dog with long hair, especially after take a bath and try to clean it.

Pets hair groomer brush is designed to handle different kinds of hair and coat of pet, in particular, dogs and cats.
1000 brushing actions per min, 5-10x faster than manual grooming.
Variable speed control, for best grooming effects; is AC adapter type.
4 brushes, caters for all coats & breeds. Rubber brush for short coats, Bristle hair brush for medium coats, Nylon pin brush for long coats, Metal pin brush for double coats.
With massage function, it can connect to Vacuum cleaner (Dyson, Eureka, Bissell, Shark, Tineco, etc) to clean pets hair.