Non-Contact Infrared Pet Thermometer SNO-P01

Suitable for Pet, Air and Object

It is not easy to measure animal's temperature, many pet can not cooperate with you to take a temperature.

Especially pet is ill, we need to know their temperature time to time, to confirm their condition.

Now, with a Non-contact infrared, it is easy to measure pet's ear temperature.

It is an Multi-function Non-contact infrared thermometer, can accurately measure pet's temperature in 1 second.

Object and Air Mode available, easily measure bath water or air temperature.


Product: Pet- Non contact infrared thermometer

Model: SNO-P01

Measurement Range:

Pet Body: 89.6~109.2°F (32.0~42.9°C)

Surface: 32~140°F (0-60°C)


96.8~102.2°F (36.0~39.0℃): ±0.4°F ( ±0.2°C)

Others: ±0.6°F ( ±0.3°C)

Display Resolution: 0.1°F or 0.1°C

Power consumption: <300mW

Memory: 32 sets

Battery: 3.0V (2 x AAA)

Working environment: 10~40&deg;C (50.0~104.0&deg;F) - 20%~85%RH

Storage environment: -20~50&deg;C (-4-122&deg;F) - 15% ~95%RH

Temperature Unit:&deg;F or &deg;C

Auto Turn off: 5 s

Dimensions: 5.7*1.8*2.3 in - 145*45*58 mm

Weight: 88g