High Accuracy Digital Basal Thermometer

Suitable for BBT and Family Daily Care

1. Fast Measure 40-60s

2. Large display

3. Fever alarm

4. C/F switchable

5. Resolution: 0.01

Product description

0.05C / 0.09 F accuracy Basal thermometer especially measure BBT temperature.
Special display monitor to enlarge the digital number, make it easy to check the temperature.
Fast measurement, normally is 50-60 seconds.
Basal body temperature chart available, easy to track your ovulation curve.
Smart storage case available, easy to store your thermometer. 


What's Basal Body Temperature (BBT)?
Basal body temperature (BBT) is the lowest body temperature attained during rest (usually during sleep).
It is usually estimated by a temperature measurement immediately after awakening and before any physical activity has been undertaken.


How to get the most accurate BBT?
To Measure your BBT, first you need an accurate Basal Thermometer.
After awakening (not get up ), put the basal thermometer under your tongue, close your mouth tightly, wait until it "beep" then read the temperature result.