InspecTech Inspection Service



Perfectly Inspected
You like to control the quality no matter where you are? Then without a doubt you need a professional medical-devices inspector in regular detailed inspections. Because as you know: this will make sure all your medical-devices to be ideally inspected.
An even more convenient option for you is: here, you can individually agree and plan both the number and the frequency of the inspection visits. Just need to plus all the costs actually incurred. Reliable, convenient planning, implementation of inspections, detailed documentation, assessment of the machine’s status, etc will absolutely let you have the ability to control the quality of your medical devices.

Our service including:
Initial Production Inspection
Pre-Shipment Inspection
During-Production Inspection
Monitoring Production Process
Container Loading Supervision
Factory Audit
Social Audit


Why InspecTech?
1. Our Ethos
At InspecTech we believe that quality has an important role to play in having more market share. We ensure quality of range of products allow you to independently take control of your medical devices’ quality through InspecTech’s inspection service.

2. Pride in Inspection Service
From over 10 years medical devices trading experience, InspecTech has rich experience in inspecting products, especially in Medical Devices, which makes sure we have the ability to inspect seriously and test extensively in different range of medical devices to ensure the quality of them.

3. Our Experience
Overseen by our parent company, Jawell Technology, our highly experienced inspection team in Shenzhen will continue to control the quality for all medical devices for the Worldwide medical and Wellness markets.